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Beauty is the gift of god and is passed on from one generation to the next. The beauty parlor shop is a musthave for all ages of men, women and children, poet keats has defined the word beauty as: Some beauty is a joy forever: A beauty parlor is a very important store to make the people look well by applying hair and skin nutritional make-up by various methods Life style is changing rapidly in modern times and women have become more aware of their form of status. This has led to a change in their lifestyle and their economic independence encourages them to access these types of services.

salon/ beauty services according to customer requirements, Grooming. Price list wherever available.

The beauty industry has grown so much that it can be difficult to keep track of available treatments. ‘Living therapists who do everything are long gone. Many independent salons specialize in a small range of treatments, from nail art to tanning, while even in the larger spa salons, no staff member is likely to do everything. Some of the most popular services provided in a salon may include

Haircuts, coloring, styling wax and other forms of hair removal nail treatments facial and skin care treatments tanning massages Complementary care such as aromatherapy The range of salon services is constantly expanding and changing. It may be perfect for you as you need to continually update your skills. But if you want to perform the same task from day one to retirement, it may be worth looking elsewhere.